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The goal of the Washington Street Foundation is to provide opportunity and assistance to children in order to help them fulfill their potential through education.  It is intended that the relationship between the donors, mentors and the students will grow and be maintained over time and that only those practical restrictions required to maintain the viability of the program will be placed upon the participants.

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Criteria for Selection:
- Good student, but not likely to go on to post-high school education without mentoring and financial assistance.
- Very special personal character (tenacity, determination to succeed, grit).
- Financial need.
- Likely to stay in the school community.
- Will participate fully in the program.
- Able to speak and understand English, since the program will be administered only in English.
Selection procedure:
School principals select the students, consulting with their school's "Washington Street" mentors before making final selections. They are then approved by the Board of Directors.
Mentor requirements:
Mentors are interviewed, background checked and drug tested. Then they are required to complete an initial mentoring class and continuing training.
Student requirements:
- Meet with your mentor at least twice a month.
- Support all Washington Street Foundation activities.
- Exhibit positive behavior in and out of school and complete all school requirements.
- Try for your personal best in everything you do.
- Maintain a 2/75 or better GPA in all of your core courses.
- Remain drug, crime and violence free.
- Perform a minimum of 4 hours community service per year.
Activities between students and mentors:
At least two meetings a month are required between student and mentor.
- A group meeting between all the students and mentors together. That meeting will be at an interesting and entertaining site, such as a museum, theater or university.
- A separate meeting arranged between mentor and student.
The mentor will also be a participant in parent-student-teacher conferences and monitor school progress.
Educational Assistance: Each mentor can recommend up to $1,000 yearly in funds to spend to enhance the education of each student for the following kinds of expense: field trips, camps, tutoring, special classes, fees, musical instruments, special schools and uniforms. The mentor can also request additional funds from the Board of Directors.
Post-Secondary Studentship Assistance:
- An award of up to $5,000 a year will be available for post-high school education, upon the approval of the Board of Directors.
- The award is to be used for tuition, books, fees and other expenses.
- $20,000 or more is available for higher education for each student, depending upon the chosen program. This may be raised over time.
- The Board of Directors can consider postgraduate studentships upon recommendation of the mentor, after conducting a review of studentship amounts available for future years.
The following requirements will be in effect:
- The first two years of additional schooling beyond high school is recommended to be located in Maricopa County, Arizona.
- A Washington Street student must be full-time (a minimum of 12 credit hours).
- Attend summer bridge program prior to entering college.
- Maintain a 2.5 cumulative grade point average.
- Submit registration and tuition invoice to WSF in time for payment.
- Submit transcript of grades at the end of each grading period.
- Home or dormitory residence in the freshman year.
- Participate in a university mentoring program.
- Participate in a Washington Street Foundation activities when asked upon.
- Provide Washington Street Foundation a 2-3 page year-end report.
- Notify Washington Street Foundation immediately of any changes in my contact information (address, telephone number and email address).

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