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Getting Involved
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Volunteer your time to give our students the support they deserve:

A Student's Description of a Mentor:
  • Someone who keeps in touch with me regularly.
  • Someone to do many things with.
  • Someone who cares.
  • Someone who is always there and can make me feel secure.
  • Someone who fosters open communications with me, discussing many different things.
  • Someone who listens to my problems.
  • Someone who can be a good example in everything.
  • Someone who is willing to share personal information with me about growing up.
  • Someone to have fun with.
  • Someone who follows through on their promises.
  • Someone who does not try to change me.
  • Someone I feel comfortable being with.

Click on the link below for a printable Mentoring Application:

Mentor Application

Make a Donation

If you do not currently have the time available to commit to WSF, but you still want to be involved, our foundation happily accepts tax deductible donations.

Please mail them to:
Washington Street Foundation
1540 E. Maryland Avenue
Suite 200 
Phoenix, AZ 85014

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